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Bag-In-Box Packaging For Chemicals and Detergents

The Bag-In-Box packaging solves problems encountered by producers and consumers of special chemicals and detergents - such as floor polish, paints, and cleaning agents - considerably reducing the costs and affording environmental advantages.  The Bag-in-box packaging has many advantages in comparison with rigid containers.  It is easier to handle, carry, use and store.   Thanks to its form, more units can be contained in a given volume, thus allowing for efficient storage and distribution.  Using the pouches for both high and low volumes (five to 1,000 liters) ascertains more efficient manufacturing, storage, marketing and consumption.   The form of the cardboard boxes ensures easy pouring in both small and big quantities.

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Pouring though an eight-, 12-, and 20-mm. faucet




The Bag-In-Box packaging saves 35% of the container shipments, weighs 25% less than rigid containers of equal volume and saves 80% of the storage space for empty packaging.  The high filling rate of the Bag-in-Box packaging affords a higher manufacturing and packaging capacity.  The QC\D system makes it possible to use a thinning center.  The Bag-In-Box packaging for chemicals and detergents is fitted out with several pouring faucets:
  • The Bag-In-Box packaging which includes a QC\D pouring valve is a clean, sealed pouring system with high volume and easy to use.
  • Eight-, 12- and 20- mm. Faucets for high-volume packaging suit different materials of different densities and are transferable from one packaging to another.

Environment compatibility is a significant consideration for every manufacturer.  The Bag-In-Box packaging is environment friendly, since it can be fully recycled and thus reduces the waste volume.  Also, it uses 60% less plastic raw-materials and contributes to reduced consumption at the source.

Corrugated cardboard, which makes up 85% of the Bag-In-Box packaging, can be fully recycled in any recycling center in Israel.  The empty pouch buckles, therefore it is easy to dislodge from the box and discard.  The empty pouch consumes 1/3 of the plastic raw materials contained in any other packaging of similar volume, and when discarded, its volume is 5% of the volume of a corresponding rigid container.

Thinning centers with QC\D systems

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